Training calisthenics

Many people are putting off the art and science of calisthenics. These are the so-called weight-lifting loyalists. These people are trashing calisthenics as much as they can. However, is it really the case that calisthenics is bad? We don’t think so. Below you will learn how to train calisthenics properly and get stronger.

The basic exercises

There are a handful of callisthenics exercises that you should perform in order to maintain and improve your fitness. Do you care to guess what they are? Well, doing push-ups, pull-ups, and bodyweight squats are sure to bring your body to strength. Things can’t be so simple, can’t they? Well, for the most part, they are indeed this simple.

You need a pushing motion, a pulling motion, and a “standing up” motion. This will work the corresponding muscles. Many people make the mistake of doing only pushing motions. They don’t do nearly enough pulling motions. True to the case – the pull-ups are comparatively harder than the push-ups. However, you mustn’t forget about the importance of the pulling motions. Otherwise, you will get hunched over – like every bodybuilder that only does hard bench presses.


The importance of form

Not so fast. You thought that only doing this exercise will keep you fit? Fat chance. You will also need to learn about the importance of proper form. You can’t arch your back doing push-ups – and you can’t cheat at the pull-ups. A clear pull-up starts from the position where your arms are fully extended at the elbows. Then you rise all the way to the top – clearing the bar with your chin. You hold the position there for a second, and then slowly come back down. Repeat.

If you do the exercises with improper form – then not only will the exercises be inefficient. You can also injure yourself. And we’re not talking about easy injuries only – though they tend to be the most frequent. How does shoulder impingement from doing improper push-ups with a bad form sound? SO, you always need to see to it that you perform the exercises in proper form. This will guarantee that you get strong and healthier, maintaining the proper structure of your body. It is also important to be aware of that time to recover. One of our favourites way to relax is go to bingo sites with free signup bonus no deposit required. The way to recover and relax is different for all people, so find your own favourite way.

In conclusion

If you do calisthenics, then you will be able to develop monstrous levels of strength. You just need to stay dedicated to it – never give up. Do the exercises we recommended and maintain good form. And you will get a lot stronger and healthier.