Matrix – A slot for bodybuilders!

Who here hasn’t seen the legendary original Matrix movie? Sure, there are debates about just how good the sequels were. But there is no argument that the first movie is a classic and that it’s one of the best movies ever made. To that end, it hardly comes as a surprise that Playtech has decided to create a slot about this movie. A perfect way to relax after going to the gym! Read more about the features below.

Bonus points for style

Everything about the Matrix slot reminisces us of the movie. The game itself is scented with just enough sense of nostalgia to attract the hardcore Matrix fans. While the movie is now 20 years old – there are still loyal fans of the franchise. So, it’s not hard to suppose that this slot attracts the attention of thousands of Matrix fans around the world.

matrix slot online casino

Green numbers and coded characters are floating on a black background. You will feel like you’re genuinely in the Matrix. Of course, there are the main characters to make you company along the way. There’s Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and the Agent. The other symbols are Matrix-related – for example, there are the iconic black shades.

One of the best elements of the theme is that there are bits from the movie that are incorporated in this slot. For example, if you get a symbol of a cat – it triggers the déjà vu reshuffle feature. You will get a sound bite from the movie – that it’s a glitch in the Matrix. But this is a good thing – since you will get multiple wilds that will reshuffle for one spin. And this will bring you wins.

The red pill features

We suppose that many of you would pick the red pill and choose to know the truth about the Matrix. But that’s a conversation on a more philosophical, hypothetical note. For now, you should just be mindful of the features that the Matrix slot has on offer.

We have already mentioned the Déjà vu feature in the previous paragraph. But the core of the game plays out like your regular slot. There are pay lines and you will need to make winning combinations of symbols to win money. There are symbols that take more than one spot on the reels. Also, get three scatter symbols on the first, third and fifth reels – and you will be rewarded with free spins.

In conclusion

Overall, the Matrix fans will be, we believe, happy with the result that is the Matrix slot. There are many things to look out for while playing this game. And the true fans of the Matrix franchise won’t be disappointed. So, if you like Matrix as much as we do, surely this will be a great game for you. We all know that it is important to rest between working out, and playing at online casinos is a great way to do this. Find new casinos and the top 10 casino bonuses in 2021 here if you want to have a good start at your gambling!

We will be back with more soon!

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