Your Health & Well-being consists of several parts

For your health!

As defined by World Health Organization (WHO), Health and Well-being is a “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being” Health is a dynamic condition that’s dynamic, and resulting from the body’s adaptation and adjustment in response to stress and environmental changes, this for keeping an inner equilibrium.

Well-being is not something unattainable, but you can experience it every day on different levels in your everyday life. Often you may not reflect that it is already there!



It’s a way of life to appreciate what you already have, to be able to see your life clearly! By adding good health and supplementing with the missing parts you can get a bit more!

Health Imbalance

Illness often occurs if imbalance occurs in life and health is best recovered by restoring the balance again. Something that can happen by designing will and time, to change direction, which in the long run can lead to a noticeable positive change!

Several years of an unhealthy lifestyle can be the reason for the start of a change! A deteriorating general condition may have its origins in how you feel psychically. Stress and bad sleep may be the underlying factor! Depression, or even worse a sudden illness! But often it’s unfortunately a lack of time, a certain ease and convenience in terms of diet and exercise behind it, this is often the tragic truth! But we are many sitting in the same boat!

Different parts affect your health: the diet you eat affects your mental well-being, how you feel! Your psyche, in turn, affects how you act in your everyday life. And your psyche may in turn affect how you take up the nutrition of the diet!

For example, several hormones in your hormone system are affected by both the diet and the psyche! But also if you exercise and keep your body in trim or not! Everything is connected, man is a whole! Your body is a whole!