Get Cristiano Ronaldo’s super body

Step by step – how to get Cristiano Ronaldo’s super body!

It is hard to argue against that Cristiano Ronaldo not only has one of the most well-trained bodies in football, it also one of the most functional bodies within sports. The exterior is close to perfect and it works perfectly.

He possesses speed and physique, but also strong mental stability which gives him the right preconditions to reach the top-level and claims the title “the World’s Best Footballer” numerous times.

Cristiano Ronaldo is well trained. Extremely well trained and this has made him almost unstoppable at the pitch. The experts of Fitness Advice UK has tried to narrow down how CR7 has gained the muscles behind the success. With Cristiano Ronaldo currently playing in Juventus, he is for sure one of the fittest players in Serie A this season. Even if he is well above 30 now.

Who knows? Maybe you can get the full Cristiano Ronaldo body in time for UEFA EURO 2020!

Get Cristiano Ronaldos body

Mental Strength

This is one of the most important factors behind Cristiano’s body results. Without his mental strength he would probably still be a decent football player, but being the best in the world requires more. If you also are about to sculpture a super body at the same time – dedication is needed.

Carl from Fitness Advice:

“Being one of the best football players in the world, which Ronaldo certainly is, requires tremendous mental strength. Not only is it required on the pitch but also there is a lot of pressure on him and his performance. On top of that, you have all people that want to dig into his personal life. What attitude you have when taking in those tasks and working out is crucial for the outcome and the results.”


Always start with the question – what do I really want and what do I feel good about doing? If we are in a place where we have fun and do well, we will perform much better. Simply, the tip is to do things we enjoy and makes us feel good. Then the results will come.


Ronaldo always runs around 10 kilometres per game. Most of such running is in full speed with short to little recovery time. At a top speed of over 21 mph

Carl from Fitness Advice:

“Cristiano Ronaldo must be able to run for a full game. At the same time, he needs to out-sprint his defenders at a very high pace. Hence, his muscles need to fully perform for short periods and they never really get a full recovery.”


Interval training is the best way to increase the heart capacity and your fitness. You will get the best result from extremely intense intervals combined with low-intensity training.

Back muscles

Cristiano Ronaldo has a chest measurement of 109 cm, but most of that is latissimus dorsi, mostly referred to as “wings”.

Carl at Fitness Advice:

“Some would think that a strong and well-composed back is not needed for football players. But it the complete opposite. Just look at the start line of a 100 m race where all have very fit upper bodies. They have it because it helps with running. It is the same thing with Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo has very very fit back muscles and on top of that, it is very symmetrical.”


Pull-ups and chins. That’s it. If it becomes too hard, use a rope that can assist you when pushing or dragging yourself up. Another good exercise is a row machine.

Core / Stomach

It is said that Ronaldo has said that situps are his biggest burden in life and that he earlier in his life made over 3,000 situps a day. He has all years always stated that he only does the workout to perform well on the pitch, but who knows :)?

Carl from Fitness Advice:

“CR has a defined 6-pack and to get that you need to get rid of a lot of body fat. It is not the situps that make your muscles appear – it is simply a matter of math. How much energy do you put into your body and how much of that is used? Always focus on functional exercises and make some adjustments to what you eat if you want to see the 6 pack appear.”


The plank position with some movement or standing on a ball.


Cristiano can jump 78 cm straight up. That is 7 cm more than the average NBA player. Also, an elite football player is estimated to squat 200 kg. Hence, legs are fairly important, to say the least.

Carl from Fitness Advice:

“Ronaldo is strong in the legs and the demands for top football players are extreme. He jumps higher then most other football players and I would not be surprised if he is on the top. This is not only extremely good when going for the headers, but an overall testimony to his extreme fitness.”


Squats and snatches. Nothing builds your legs better than those two exercises.

Ronaldo Body Workout Summary

All in all, a nice, fit body comes down to hard work and dedication. With Cristiano Ronaldo, it is also a tool for him to succeed and become one of the fittest athletes on earth. Do you have what it takes to give it a go and look like CR7 already in time to when UEFA EURO 2020 starts?!