Eat before and after your traning!

What you eat before a workout can boost the effect of the exercise. What – and especially when – you should eat, depends on what you want to achieve: build muscle or burn fat?


Do you go straight from work to the gym to do a real strength session – without eating anything since lunch? Do you have dinner before you go out running? – Then you may not get the most out of your workout routine.

What and when you eat affects both the body’s muscle build-up and fat burning.


How many hours before exercise should I eat?

It depends on what you are going to exercise. If you are going to exercise strength, you may want to eat 1-2 hours before.

Should you however, train with higher intensity and fitness / combustion, it is good if you eat within 2 hours prior to training. Do not forget to feel signals from your body, food in the stomach often interferes with jumps etc.

Is it dangerous to work on an empty stomach?

– No, it’s not dangerous. However, you may not have the power to perform at the level you’re used to. You also risk becoming a catabolic, that is, breaking down your muscles. Driving intense on an empty stomach may also feel uncomfortable and cause nausea.

Eat to maximize weight training:

When you exercise strength you want the power to take in, and the power to lift, push and pull heavily.

Take a snack with carbohydrates and protein, one to two hours before the strength pass, such as fruit and keso. Carbohydrates give you energy to work hard, and protein gives a signal to the body to build muscle.

Because muscles help you to burn fat, it’s smart to eat this before your strength training,  even if your long-term goal is fat burning.

Eat like this to burn fat:

The best prerequisite for fat burning is in the morning when we wake up, and have not eaten for a while.

We can also recreate this later in the day by not eating in close proximity to the workout. Should go out running, or other exercise focused on endurance and combustion; you should not have eaten later than two hours before.