Training calisthenics

Many people are putting off the art and science of calisthenics. These are the so-called weight-lifting loyalists. These people are trashing calisthenics as much as they can. However, is it really the case that calisthenics is bad? We don’t think so. Below you will learn how to train calisthenics properly and get stronger.

The basic exercises

There are a handful of callisthenics exercises that you should perform in order to maintain and improve your fitness. Do you care to guess what they are? Well, doing push-ups, pull-ups, and bodyweight squats are sure to bring your body to strength. Things can’t be so simple, can’t they? Well, for the most part, they are indeed this simple.

You need a pushing motion, a pulling motion, and a “standing up” motion. This will work the corresponding muscles. Many people make the mistake of doing only pushing motions. They don’t do nearly enough pulling motions. True to the case – the pull-ups are comparatively harder than the push-ups. However, you mustn’t forget about the importance of the pulling motions. Otherwise, you will get hunched over – like every bodybuilder that only does hard bench presses.


The importance of form

Not so fast. You thought that only doing this exercise will keep you fit? Fat chance. You will also need to learn about the importance of proper form. You can’t arch your back doing push-ups – and you can’t cheat at the pull-ups. A clear pull-up starts from the position where your arms are fully extended at the elbows. Then you rise all the way to the top – clearing the bar with your chin. You hold the position there for a second, and then slowly come back down. Repeat.

If you do the exercises with improper form – then not only will the exercises be inefficient. You can also injure yourself. And we’re not talking about easy injuries only – though they tend to be the most frequent. How does shoulder impingement from doing improper push-ups with a bad form sound? SO, you always need to see to it that you perform the exercises in proper form. This will guarantee that you get strong and healthier, maintaining the proper structure of your body. It is also important to be aware of that time to recover. One of our favourites way to relax is go to bingo sites with free signup bonus no deposit required. The way to recover and relax is different for all people, so find your own favourite way.

In conclusion

If you do calisthenics, then you will be able to develop monstrous levels of strength. You just need to stay dedicated to it – never give up. Do the exercises we recommended and maintain good form. And you will get a lot stronger and healthier.

How well do you know Fitness?

Overall body fitness encompasses three parameters: Physical health, Psychological health and Nutritional health. These entail a healthy and fit physical appearance, a sound mind and a well-nourished body. So how well do you know body fitness? Read on to find more on how to live a healthy, enjoyable life.

Taking good care of your body is paramount to living an enjoyable life. It is pertinent to note that a healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. Hence, to live an enjoyable and healthy life, one of your main focuses should include achieving good health, both in mind and body.

Some effective means towards achieving overall body fitness is through regular exercises, eating healthy meals, having proper sleep and seeking for self-development through life coaching seminars/retreats. In effect, achieving overall body fitness can only be achieved by adopting healthy lifestyles and including them in your daily routine. Healthy lifestyles also include good personal hygiene as well as a neat and pollute free environment. Of course, to be satisfied in your life you might need chilling, video games or drinks with your friends. But, if your physical shape is off, this won’t be working for a long time.

The Bitter Truth

The bitter truth is that life gets so busy that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and lose focus on achieving overall fitness. The benefits of fitness are truly not overrated. A healthy lifestyle improves your productivity, mental stability, and your physical appearance. It also boosts your immune system, controls weight, and directly improves stamina and energy levels. Several practices which improve general fitness include mental rest and relaxation, hydration, regular cardiovascular conditioning, and proper sanitation measures.things to know about fitness

The truth still remains that our bodies are dynamic; changes occur in our bodies as we grow. As such, our health and fitness routines ought not only to change in alignment with our bodies, they also need to be improved as we grow. Therefore, exercises, mental relaxation, and all other routines are to be accelerated as we get older. Regular medical checkups are also important towards maintaining a fit lifestyle. While it may seem difficult to keep up with, it is not impossible to do so. As the saying goes; “health is wealth”. This basically implies that a person with a sound mind and a healthy body can be likened to a wealthy person. After all, it takes good health to enjoy wealth.

If you want to stay active and confident, staying fit can serve as a major influence towards achieving these. The goal is to get fit or die trying.

hire a life coach

Why To Hire A Life Coach

Many people talk about how having a life coach changed theirs for the better. In today’s world it is not unusual to seek guidance and direction from a life coach. Here are some compelling reasons to hire one.

You will likely feel as if you are maximizing your happiness in life if you work with a coach trained in this subject matter. A fulfilling life is something that many have tried and failed to achieve. Having the proper coach can make this achievement easy. Those that have used a life coach have reported that it led to them finally being able to appreciate all the moments of their lives.

Everyone has their own purpose and their own values. A coach can help people find their purpose in life and even figure out which values are the most important to them. For many people, this is tied to discovering goals and dreams they may have never known they had.

Another reason to hire a coach for life is that they can help you get clarity you never had. Coaches helping their clients find this clarity ask them questions such as what is important to them in their career, relationships and in their life in general. They can also help you determine what you need more of in your life and what you need less of in your life. Life coaches help their clients explore all the possible options and choose which ones are the best.

Find your needs and focus on the right things

Hiring a life coach is also an excellent way to set boundaries and raise the standards you have for yourself and for those around you. Through the process of making your life stronger a coach will help you realize your personal needs and focus on what must be done to meet them. They can also help you with time management skills so you will be able to focus on what is important to you and then let everything else go. This results in a less stressful life for many people, as well as a more fulfilling one.

hire a life coachLife coaches teach you that in order to achieve happiness and success you must focus on what you want and take actions to make it happen. A life plan is often the first step to the stability you may not have experienced before. An effective coach can help you not only formulate a life plan, but follow it as well.

If creating a balanced life is important to you, a coach can help you achieve this. They examine every aspect of your life and help you balance everything out by eliminating people, places and things from your life that leave you feeling unbalanced. Many life coaches teach that energy, a sense of fulfilment and even peace of mind are possible when you live a balanced life.

Anyone looking for a major life change would do well to consult with a life coach. They commit to helping individuals find their place in the world.

new energy 2019

Ways to find new energy in 2019!

A new year is here! We all celebrated 2019 a week ago from today and many of us have a lot of new year resolutions getting started right now. As always, workout and eating well is one of the most common resolutions people have all over the world. But, to get the energy to workout, you need to find the strength to do this. Right now, in many parts of the world, like here in the UK – it is dark and cold. To find energy is hard and we want to give you some tips on how.

There are plenty of theories about this and different people gather strength in different ways. However, to be able to relax and generate more energy might be hard to some. Therefore, we believe in trying out some new things.

new energy 2019

Fun ways to find energy in 2019

Being outdoors and soaking up some sun is always a good idea. However, when it is cold and dark and no sun in sight, it is quite hard. Due to this, we want to look into other options. Different kind of video games and computer games can give you a lot of energy.

To get the adrenaline pumping a little bit more than usual, why not look into gambling? Online casinos and gambling have become extremely popular in the United Kingdom and a lot of people see this as a great way to relax. You don’t have to gamble for a lot of money, but even small pennies make it a bit more interesting. If you haven’t been trying this before, check out and get a good introduction to online casinos in the UK. Here you get a guide of what to think about and also a list of the most popular casino offers right now.

Cleaning and fixing the home

Another great way of collecting some more power to start off 2019 in the right way is by fixing your home into the kind of place you want it to be. By making an early spring cleaning and buying some new nice interior, you will automatically get more energy by being at home. So this is surely something we think you should start this new year by doing.

We will soon be back with more news and articles!


motivation go to gym

Motivating Yourself To Head To The Gym

Heading to the gym is something most of us need to do. Yet we all know that finding the motivation to get there is easier said than done. Here are a few great ways to motivate yourself.

Going to the gym is always easier if you have someone to do it with you. That being said, get yourself a gym buddy and it will turn from a dreaded chore into a social outing. Not only will you want to go to the gym with a buddy, you can each responsible for motivating the other to show up at the gym.

Another key to proper motivation is finding the right gym for you. For example, if you enjoy swimming, choose a gym with an indoor pool. When there are things to do at the gym that you are excited about, you will be more motivated to go. It isn’t always a good idea to join the cheapest gym you can find. If that gym doesn’t appeal to you, your motivation to go there will be zero. Sometimes you need to pay a little more for a gym membership in order to stick with it.

Set the right goals

Setting appropriate and realistic goals will also help keep you motivated. While you may want to see results right away, don’t cut yourself short. It’s important to define the goals you want to achieve by visiting the gym. Don’t expect a brand new body in only a few weeks or months. It is better to have several small goals that you can reach as opposed to one that you can’t.

motivation go to gymOnce you have set goals for your visits to the gym you will want to track your progress in meeting those goals. The more you feel like you’re struggling to meet your goals the less likely you are to actually meet them. If you go to the gym in order to lose weight, give yourself a weigh-in on a weekly basis. Seeing the progress you make can be the strongest motivator to keep you going. It is also helpful to pay attention to how much body fat you are burning.

Perhaps the best way to motivate yourself to head to the gym is to reward yourself for doing it. The rewards don’t have to be complicated or expensive; sometimes little rewards feel more meaningful than bigger ones ever could.

The key is to only reward yourself when you have reached one of your personal goals. If you are looking for motivation to get to the gym this should help you find it. Once you have shown yourself how beneficial going to the gym is you may not even have to do anything to motivate yourself anymore.

These are just a few of the ways in which anyone can motivate themselves to head to the gym. Knowing the proper way to motivate yourself can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to get your body in shape.

healthy living tips

Healthy Living Tips

Since healthy living is so vital to longevity, every adult should be familiar with certain tips that can improve the quality of their life. The first thing to keep in mind is that healthy living applies to the mind and the body equally.

Eating a proper diet is the most basic way to live a healthy life. This means eating three meals a day and not necessarily sticking to the rule that dinner should be the day’s biggest meal is vitally important. The bulk of any healthy diet must include the correct proportions of fat-free milk, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The leanest meats are always the best meats for a healthy diet. This includes poultry and fish on a regular basis. A healthy living diet should also include nuts and beans as well. A Latvian foodie site called the Red Sun Buffet has some great tips regarding eating healthy with a big variety, not seldom fish. Go to to learn some more, even though it sadly is in Latvian. We hope they will translate it into English soon.

The size of the meal is just as important as what is in it. The key to healthy living is to only eat as much as it takes to fill you up. Knowing when to stop is half the battle to good health. It is especially important to refrain from eating a large meal before going to bed. Large meals late at night can cause unintended weight gain and other potential health problems. Not only are large, heavy meals not recommended before bedtime, they are also not recommended for hot summer days.

While eating a healthy diet is important, so is getting the proper amount of exercise. The benefits of exercising include preventing conditions such as:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Obesity

Exercise to become more healthy

Regular exercise also helps balance, as well as endurance and flexibility. Strength and muscle mass are also improved with exercise.  In addition, it can decrease the odds of muscle mass deteriorating in older people. Those that suffer from arthritis can relieve symptoms of the condition by making it easier for them to complete tasks such as opening jars, driving and even climbing stairs. Despite what some believe, people can exercise safely at any age. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take brisk walks.

healthy living tipsMental health is also a factor in living a quality life. At every stage of life, people need a certain number of hours of sleep per night in order to be mentally healthy. Taking walks is also as good for mental health as it is for physical health. Those that feel the need to do so are encouraged to follow up their exercise with a short nap or other relaxing activity.

Another part of staying mentally healthy is to carve time out each week to do something enjoyable. This provides a sense of fulfilment for most people, an important aspect of mental health. Another is taking pride in accomplishments, whether they are large, small or somewhere in between.

Knowing what to do and what to avoid is crucial for anyone’s physical and mental health. The more positive aspects of someone’s life the better off they are in the long run.

How to get healthier

Retaining and improving your health is one of the most important things that you could do in your life. Think about it – everything depends on having good health. If you don’t have it – then you won’t be able to do anything. So, one of the wisest investments that you can make in your life is the investment in your health. But how can you go about this? Many people feel confused about it and they don’t know where to start. Since you’re reading this article, it means that you want to start taking care of your health.

Well, the first thing that you could do is start to exercise. No matter who you are, barring any serious health condition that you may have, you will be able to start working out right now. We don’t care about your excuses – you need to start working out right now. So, get down to the ground and do a set of push-ups. Remember – no excuses. Don’t postpone for tomorrow or another day. Do it now.

healthyPush-ups will get easier

But what happens if you can’t do a single push-up in proper form? Granted, there are many people with such appalling level of physical strength that they can’t do a single push-up. Don’t get disheartened – you can make the exercise easier for yourself. If you can’t do a proper push-up, then try making the exercise easier by starting from the knees – not your feet. This will make the exercise 50% easier and chances are that you will be able to make at least a dozen or so of these knee push-ups. But if you really can’t do this exercise at all – then you need to start at the most basic of all levels – wall push-ups. Just stand up straight against the wall and use your hands to push off of it.

Then there is the importance of the diet. The things that you eat can either make you healthy and strong or kill you. You have to be very mindful of the things that you’re eating. The lion’s share of the food that you eat should consist of vegetables. There is really no way in which you can go wrong with eating vegetables – it’s next to impossible to overeat on them and they are all full of vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy and strong. Avoid eating too many processed foods. If you find that you can’t do without them – then incorporate some of them into your eating habits, just make sure that you don’t overindulge yourself in them.

Getting healthy and strong

If you follow our advice from above, then you too will be able to get healthy and strong. Excellent health is well within your reach no matter who you are. All you need to do, for now, is start working out and eating properly. You will begin to see results right after your first workout session and your first healthy meal. We hope that you will have a lot of success in living a healthy life.

Keeping your motivation up

Nobody’s life is perfect. No matter what the media and the entertainment industry and other people are trying to tell you – you know that even the most “successful” people have issues that they battle with. All of us have our inner demons that we strive to defeat. That being said, the worst thing that you could do is give up the battle and relinquish the control over your life. We’re here to tell you that no matter what kinds of issues you’re dealing with – there is a way out.

training motivationTo be fair, there are some devastating problems that might befall one. It could be a break-up with a very close person. It could be the death of a loved one. These are all serious scenarios that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If some of these scenarios have happened to you and you’re struggling to deal with them – then the first thing to know is that time heals everything. You just need to give it some time before your body and mind will be able to get re-centered.

But sometimes, giving it time is not enough. One of the best ways to deal with what’s bothering you is by expressing it. Our personal recommendation to you would be to start writing things. Open up a notebook and every time you feel your emotions getting the better of you start writing what’s on your mind. The therapeutic value of writing can have a profound influence on your life. Things that are roaming chaotically in your head are now structured and written out. You have systematized everything that goes into your head. You will feel lighter after a writing session.

Writing’s not the only way for you to express your problems, though. Sometimes you will want to ask for the guidance of other people. You may think that you know best – but you’ll be surprised to learn how other people’s perspectives can change your life for the better. Since it’s your own life, it means that you have the blind spot of subjectivity. So, by asking other people about what they think of your problems – you will get valuable insights about how to solve them.

The worst thing that you could do is try to suppress everything. And many people take this option – not knowing what better to do. But if you try and suppress everything that you’re feeling, then it will undoubtedly take another form. Suppressed sadness may turn into anger. Or it may turn into a depression. Always strive to express your emotions in a healthy, non-destructive way. This will be an uncomfortable investment that you will make, but you will reap great dividends out of it. Another great way to feel better is to take responsibility for someone else. For example, a friend of mine got a nice cattica which are a type of cat that is extremely friendly. Better than a cat, you might want to get a dog instead but that is very subjective.

So, our best recommendation to you would be to look on the bright side. Even though you may feel like a train wreck at the moment, better days are coming for you. And you know it yourself that this is indeed the case. We know that you will power through whatever it is that’s bothering you at the moment.

An introduction to calisthenics

If you want to get healthier and stronger, then you need to implement the habit of exercise in your life. It’s as simple as that – exercise has been shown time and time again to be very important in the sense that it improves your health. That being said, there are multiple ways in which you can do exercise and this can be somewhat confusing to some of you. This is why we have decided to talk a little bit more about one of these methods of working out – namely calisthenics.

callisthenicsCalisthenics is also known as bodyweight exercise. It’s the opposite of weightlifting in the sense that you will need to use your own body’s weight in order to work out – while in weightlifting you will have to lift external weights in order to get stronger.

What are some examples of bodyweight calisthenics exercises? Well, no matter who you are, you are no stranger to the mighty push-up. This is the classic calisthenics exercise that will work big portions of your body. Your pectoral muscles, triceps muscles, and your core will all get a killer workout.

Even though it may seem an easy thing to do – the push-up is no joke. You’ll be surprised to learn just how many people there are that can’t do a single push-up. And in all cases – we’re talking about the full version of the push-up. No cheating is allowed – if you do cheating variations of the push-ups then the only person that you will manage to cheat is yourself.

Then there’s the pull-up. The push-up and the pull-up work in unison. We recommend that you do sets of both of these exercises if you wish to get strong. The pull-up, unlike the push-up, is an exercise that has to do with pulling (hence the name). So, the biceps and the various back muscles will get a killer workout with the pull-up.

Finally, the bodyweight squat is another exercise that you must incorporate into your basic regime if you are to cover your entire body. This is a lower-body exercise that will make your legs and lower back stronger. So, expect to experience a level of discomfort in your quads after a squatting session.

These are the basic bodyweight exercises that we recommend everyone does. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do them – nor do they need to be done very frequently. A healthy regime of working out once every two days will help keep your body healthy and strong. You will see results within a few months of working out – you will feel stronger and look better than ever before.

Just make sure that you’re not cheating while you’re working out. Cheating out in the range of motion and in the explosiveness of the exercises will do you a disservice. Sure, doing the exercises to the fullest extent will mean that you will feel far less comfortable while doing them. But in the end, it will pay off and everything that you have done will be well worth your while.

Making big life changes

Taking Steps Towards Making Big Life Changes

big changesIf you are feeling stuck with where you are in your life currently, it could be due to a variety of factors. These can include feelings of apprehension about your direction in life, boredom, loneliness, loss of a job, or financial problems. If you feel this way, it could be time to make a big life change as a change of your activity or feelings will not be enough. A big life change will transform your outlook and life patterns creating new happiness, new energy, and even new possibilities. Here are a few small changes you can take in an effort to make a big life change.

Acknowledge your efforts

Try not to pressure yourself to constantly compliment yourself. Acknowledge the incredible abilities you already possess. Take note of your accomplishments, the good things you have shared with the world, and the lessons you have learned. This will make you feel more assured of yourself making you more valuable and confident to establish a foundation on which you can build your life.

Focus on what is at hand

If you want to make a big change in your life break things up into manageable categories and tasks. Assess where your priorities are currently and which ones are more important to you at the moment. This will help you gain clarity especially if you feel overwhelmed with the areas in your life that require attention. Categorize these areas based on their level of importance from your point of view. This way you have a good starting point.

Switch up your daily activities

You may feel like your days seem to mesh together and you will feel like you are unable to change much on account of an overwhelming schedule. Start with a small change early in the morning to get you through the day like a change in your breakfast menu or wearing new perfume. You can call up a friend and ask if they can switch perfumes with you for a week. a simple small change in your life such as a new smell could make it seem like you are starting the week off with a new experience.

Learn something

Talk to a new person daily as strangers have the potential to overturn your world with new information. This is because they can give you an unbiased and honest opinion as you do not know them. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own experiences to share. They have advice and wisdom from all the things they have learned. Greet a stranger and ask them about their day and you might have the most enlightening conversation of your life. One great inspirational website is where you can find a couple of nomads in the casino industry that travels and work. Check them out and maybe you get motivated to do something about your life.